Oil Tank Abandonment & Leaks for Long Island Home Buyers

Oil Tank Abandonment & Leaks for Long Island Home Buyers

Any Long Island home seller, home buyer or homeowner must make sure that their property meets all necessary environmental standards. Over the years, such standards have changed. Many people are now aware of the need for oil tank abatement Long Island. An oil tank is a tank that was designed to hold oil. Many such tanks were an integral part of the landscape during the 1950’s. However, since that time, health officials have come to realize that such tanks may pose a danger to the property.

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An oil tank can leak. The leak can pose a serious environmental hazard to any homeowner’s property. The oil may seep into the soil and possibly even contaminate it. Worse yet, oil from an oil tank may even flow into a neighbor’s yard, causing even more potential damage. Owners can be held financially liable for the costs of such leaks and the money involved in cleaning it up.


Looking for an Oil Tank

Many homeowners don’t even know they have an oil tank on their property. Oil tank inspection Long Island can help them find out quickly and easily without the need to disturb the soil. A quick oil tank inspection Long Island is a necessity for any home buyer.

The oil tank inspection Long Island will help determine if there is an oil tank. In some cases, particularly if the house has been used as a multi-family dwelling in the past, there may even be more than one oil tank. Multiple oil tanks may be present as each family had their own. An oil tank inspection Long Island and sweep should be part of any home inspection. Look for qualified inspectors. They can come to the property, examine it closely and then determine whether there has been an oil tank in the past or one exists right now.

Some home inspectors will even include the inspection for the oil tank in the price of the home inspection. Any property owner thinking of putting their home on the market should have the inspection done before doing so.


If a Tank is Found

If an tank is found on the property, it’s a good idea to have it removed or choose oil tank abandonment. Oil tank removal Long Island is best even if there isn’t a problem with the oil tank right now. Oil tank removal Long Island allows the homeowner to prevent any future problems with the tank right now. A careful inspection of the entire property will be made. This allows the homeowner to help determine the size of the tank and exactly where it’s located. It also allows them to develop a detailed plan for removing it. Any kind of oil tank removal Long Island must be done in accordance with state and county regulations. The right help is extremely important during this process. It’s best to look for companies that can offer oil tank replacement Long Island that is proven safe and effective. A good oil tank replacement Long Island will involve thoughtful planning that keeps in mind all areas of the property and any adjacent properties as well.


Starting the Process

The process of oil tank replacement Long Island should begin as soon as the tank is found. Any homeowner can expect this process to take at least several days. In some cases, oil tank abandonment Long Island is a fairly simple process. The tank is removed from the property and the area where it was is covered over with fresh soil. Any other parts of tank such as pipes are also removed and that area is also covered over again.

However, in some instances, the job may be more complicated. There may be more than one tank on the property. The tank may have already sprung a leak. A larger tank may take up a big chunk of the land. In that case, it is best to consult with professionals to make sure that the job is done well from the start. A oil tank abandonment professional can explain how to fix the issue with as little cost and effort as the homeowner needs. Close attention to the removal process from a professional will get it done fast.

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