Inspections from Pro in Foundation Repair on Long Island

Inspections from Pro in Foundation Repair on Long Island

Foundation Inspections: A Necessary Item on Your Buyer Checklist

Buying a new property is a serous undertaking. You are going to be putting up a lot of money to buy it. Before you sign the final papers, getting the right inspections is imperative, to protect you against any hidden problems. One area that needs to be on your checklist is the foundation. Getting a foundation inspection can tell you if you need to call the experts on foundation repair on Long Island ( property owners rely on.

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The South Shore of Long Island Has Particular Challenges:

Properties along the South Shore of Long Island have particular challenges when it comes to foundations. The amount of sediment under the foundation is a lot higher on the South

Shore than at points north. Sediment tends to shift over time, causing the buildings to settle more. According to the foundation contractors Long Island residents know they can trust, that settling can cause problems in the foundation.

If you are purchasing a property, you need to have the foundation inspected by a knowledgeable professional. And that is not your general inspection expert. You need someone from one of the local foundation companies that understand the soil conditions and can look for the telltale signs of trouble.


What the Inspector Should Look For:

A foundation inspection involves more than just looking for cracks. According to the experts in foundation repair Long Island, property , settling can cause problems throughout the structure, without causing foundation cracks.


  • The floors tip to one corner or side of the building
  • Doors or windows jam after working properly before
  • Bulges in foundation perimeter
  • Bowing at any point of the foundation
  • The top of the foundation wall is leaning
  • Posts are not standing straight or not properly secured


Of course, cracking is a potential sign of foundation problems. But, a crack is not always a structural issue.

When concrete mortar dries, it can shrink, causing a hairline crack between blocks. Those types of cracks are mainly cosmetic. However, cracks that stairstep down the wall between rows of blocks are a more serious matter. These types of cracks show part of the foundation is moving away from the other section, according to the foundation contractors Long Island property owners can trust.

Horizontal cracks indicate the soil outside has expanded. It may be due to the freeze cycle of winter. Or extreme dry conditions being offset by extreme wet. Foundation companies often have to dig out the soil and make repairs from inside and out.


Waterproofing Is On the Inspection List:

Besides looking for structural problems with the foundation, the inspector will also be looking for signs of water problems in the basement. Water erodes the foundation of any building. Keeping the basement or crawl space dry is critical. With basement flooding being a problem along the South Shore of Long Island, this is especially critical for properties in this area, according to the experts in foundation repair Long Island property owners trust.

After the inspection is done, the foundation contractors Long Island rely on will give you their findings. They will take you on a tour of the property showing you exactly where problems lie. They may also make recommendations on how to fix the problem and even give you a range for what the work will cost.

That information is critical when buying a new property. If you need a foundation inspection performed on any property, give us a call. We are the most experienced and professional among all the foundation companies on Long Island.

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