Epoxy Flooring in Atlanta That is Scratch Resistant.

Epoxy Flooring in Atlanta That is Scratch Resistant.

Are you putting up a showroom where you’ll need beautifully laminated durable epoxy flooring in Atlanta? Are you considering a “clean room” for your sensitive, heavy machinery sitting on pristine smooth flooring that does not need much maintenance? Are you planning to renovate your floor space into something that’s easy to clean and adds coolness into the facility?

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It’s clear the flooring is an integral part of your project. That’s why you’re considering an epoxy flooring in Atlanta installation service near you. And, fortunately, you’ve got more than ten possible epoxy flooring installation professionals to choose from, ranging in years from two to eighteen.


But is the resinous flooring durable?


Can it get easily scratched up or scuffed up with use?


Will it withstand heavy loads?


The Epoxy is meant to protect the concrete flooring. The resin base mixed with a hardening agent is so durable that, when cured and dried, it can withstand up to 10,000 pounds per square inch of pressure or force. They don’t flake or chip. It can easily bear the weight of metal press machinery or the high traffic of cars in parking spaces.


It’s no wonder you see resinous flooring in just about any well-constructed factory or parking facility.


On top of this Epoxy layer, a finish is applied. This added finish of Urethane or other Polyurethan coating material gives a Polyaspartic finish. This coat finish makes the Epoxy layer even harder, more durable and far less prone to getting scratched. You should be able to ask for such a finish from any Epoxy flooring in Atlanta installation professional.


Any design or color are incorporated on top of the Epoxy resin mixed or heterogeneously applied before any finishing is laid.


The process of Epoxy floor installation requires a week of concrete curing and prepping. This includes filling in of cracks, holes or edges with Epoxy fillers. You’ll need 24 hours to apply the base layer, another 24 hours to apply the second layer and any other color design and another 24 hours for the finishing layer. The period depends on the area of treatment. The bigger the area the longer time you’ll need for each process.


The result is a smooth, durable flooring that can be made reflective, matt or designed. It will withstand hard knocks, bumps and high traffic. It can even withstand light accidental fire from any flammable liquid fuel with no markings. With the finish, the coating can also withstand UV light from prolonged direct sunlight. It’s what an Epoxy flooring in Atlanta installation service should be able to deliver.

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